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Рапорт коронера, найденный в Национальном Архиве

Обратите внимание, что в рапорте вообще отсутствует описание того, в каком виде было найдено тело. Интересно, были ли документы результата осмотра тела?

”Inquisition as indenture held in the aforesaid county on 9 September in the second year of the reign of the most dread Lady Elizabeth, by the grace of God queen of England, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, etc., before John Pudsey, gent., a coroner of the said lady queen in the aforesaid county, on inspection of the body of Lady Amy Dudley, late wife of Robert Dudley, knight of the most noble order of the garter, there lying dead: by oath of Richard Smith, gent., Humphrey Lewis, gent., Thomas Moulder, gent., Richard Knight, Thomas Spyre, Edward Stevenson, John Stevenson, Richard Hughes, William Cantrell, William Noble, John Buck, John Keene, Henry Langley, Stephen Ruffyn, and John Sire: which certain jurors, sworn to tell the truth at our request, were adjourned fron the aforesaid ninth day onwards day by day very often; and finally various several days were given to them by the selfsame coroner to appear both before the justies of the aforesaid lady queen at the assizes assigned to be held in the aforesaid county and before the same coroner in order there to return to return their verdict truthfully and speedily, until 1 August in the third year of the reign of the said lady queen; in which day the same jurors say under oath that the aforesaid Lady Amy on 8 September in the aforesaid second year of the reign of the said lady queen, being alone in the certain chamber within the home os a certain Anthony Forster, esq., in the aforesaid Cumnor, and intending to descend the aforesaid chamber by way of certain steps of the aforesaid chamber there and then accidentally fell precipitously down the aforesaid steps to the very bottom of the same steps, through which the same Lady Amy there and then sustained not only two injuries to her head (in Englisn called dyntes) – one of which was a quarter of an inch deep and the other two inches deep – but truly also, by reason of the accidental injury or of that fall and of lady Amy’s own body weight falling down the aforesaid stairs, the same Lady Amy there and then broke her own neck, on account of which certain fracture of the neck the same lady Amy there and then died instantly; and the aforesaid Lady Amy was found there and then without any other mark or wound on her body; and thus the jurors say on their oath that the aforesaid Lady Amy in the manner and form aforesaid by misfortune came to her death and not otherwise, in so far as it is possible at present for them to agree; in testimony of which fact for this inquest both the aforesaid coroner and also the aforesaid jurors have in turn affixed their seals on the day and…”
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