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Кое-что о средневековых кроватях
Та-дам, кровати были разные. Разных типов - разная ширина, длина, высота.

Angel announces St. Hubert of Liège's approaching death. Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague, the Netherlands, KB 76 F 10, folio 33v, dated 1463.

Pétrarca approaches Boccaccio on his bed. folio 294 in 'Cas des nobles hommes et femmes' by Giovanni Boccaccio. Ms. 3878, around 1470-1480

Giovannino de’ Grassi, La Natività della vergine, from the Offiziolo Visconti, around 1395. Biblioteca Nazionale, Firenze, Italy

San Marco Altarpiece: Healing of Deacon Justinian, Fra Angelico, Italy, 1438 AD

Miracle of the Black Leg (oil on panel), Berruguete,
Pedro (c.1450-1504) / Museo Colegiata San Cosme y San Damian,
Covarrubias, Spain / The Bridgeman Art Library

Они даже назывались по-разному:

The early medieval partially turned bed (550 BC) made from beech found in the Trossinger Grave 58 in Wurtemberg (Photo Archaeological Museum of Baden-Württemberg).

15th century image from 'Livre du très chevalereux, conte d'Artois et de sa femme, fille du conte de Boulongne'. Only a modernised (1837) b/w version containing the illumination exists, the original manuscript has been lost.