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Знаменитый "Titlus Regius"

(Извините, снова на внглийском, да еще и со старым правописанием и вкраплениями латыни)

Или петиция парламента к герцогу Глочестерскому, будущему Ричарду III. Напоминание о том, что не Ричард объявил себя королем, а парламент его об этом попросил, учитывая скандал относительно ставшей известной бигамии Эдварда IV.

Содержание известно всем "рикардианцам": озвучивание причины, по которой брак Эдварда и Элизабет не был легален, вывод, что дети от этого брака не могут иметь прав на трон Англии, и просьба к Ричарду, как потомку герцога Йоркского, занять трон королевства.

Margin: An Act for the Settlement of the Crown upon the King and his Iffue, with a recapitulation of his Title.

1. MEMORAND', quod quedam Billa exhibita fuit coram Dño Rege, in Parliamento predco, in hec verba.

WHERE late heretofore, that is to fay, before the Confecracon, Coronacion, and Inthronizacion of oure Souveraign Lord the King Richard the Thirde, a Rolle of Perchement, conteignyng in writeing certeine Articles of the tenour undre writen, on the behalve and in the name of the thre Eftates of this Reame of Englond, that is to wite, of the Lords Spualls and Temporalls, and of the Comons, by many and diverfe Lords Spuells and Temporalls, and other Nobles and notable perfones of the Comons in grete multitude, was prefented and actualy delivered unto oure faid Souveraine Lord the King, to th'entent and effect expreffed at large in the fame Rolle; to the which Rolle, and to the Confideracions aud inftant Peticion comprized in the fame, our faid Souveraine Lord, for the public wele and tranquillite of this Land, benignely affented.

Nowe forafmoch as neither the faid three Eftats, neither the faid perfonnes, which in thair name prfented and delivered, as is abovefaid, the faid Rolle unto oure faid Souverain Lord the King, were affembled in fourme of Parliament; by occafion whereof, diverfe doubts, queftions and ambiguitees, been moved and engendred in the myndes of diverfe perfonnes, as it is faid: Therfore, to the perpetuall memorie of the trouth, and declaration of th'fame, bee it ordeigned, provided and ftablissfhed in this prefent Parliament, that the tenour of the faid Rolle, with all the contynue of the fame, prefented, as is abovefaid, and delivered to oure before faid Souverain Lord the King, in the name and on the behalve of the faid three Eftates out of Parliament, now by the fame three Eftates affembled in this prefent Parliament, and by auctorite of the fame, bee ratifyed, enrolled, recorded, approved and auctorized, into removying the occafion of doubtes and ambiguitees, and to all other laufull effect that fhall mowe thereof enfue; foo that all things faird, affirmed, fpecifyed, defired and remembred in the faid Rolle, and in the tenour of the fame underwritten, in the name of the faid three Eftates, to the effect expreffed in the fame Rolle, bee of like effect, vertue and force, as if all the fame things had ben foo faid, affirmed, fpecifyed, defired and remembred in a full Parliament, and by au¢torite of the fame accepted and approved. The tenoure of the faid Rolle of Parchement, whereof above is made mencione, foloweth and is fuch.

To the High and Myghty Prince Richard Duc of Gloucefter.

Pleafe it youre Noble Grace to underftande the Confideracon, Election and Peticion underwritten, of use the Lords Spuelx and Temporelx, and Comons of this Reame of Englond, and thereunto agreably to yeve your affent, to the comon and public wele of this Lande, to the comforte and gladneffe of all the people of the fame.

Furft, we confidre how that heretofore in tyme paffed, this Lande many years ftode in great profperite, honoure and tranquillite; which was caufed, forfomoch as the Kings than reignyng, ufed and followed the advice and counfaill of certaine Lords Spuelx and Temporelx, and othre perfonnes of approved fadneffe, prudence, policie and experience, dreding God, and havying tendre zele and affection to indifferent miniftration of Juftice, and to the comon and politique wele of the Land; than oure Lord God was dred, luffed and honoured; than within the Land was peas and tranquillite, and among Neghbours concorde and charite; than the malice of outward Enemyes was myghtily refifted and repreffed, and the Land honorably defended with many grete and glorious victories; than the entrecourfe of Merchandizes was largely ufed and exercifed: by which things above remembred, the Land was greatly enriched, foo that as wele the Merchants and Artificers, as other poure people, laborying for their livyng in diverfe occupations, had competent gayne, to the fuftentation of thaym and their houfeholds, livyng without miferable and intollerable povertie.

But afterward, whan that fuch as had the rule and governaunce of this Land, delityng in adulation and flattery, and lede by fenfuality and concupifcence, folowed the counfaill of perfonnes, infolent, vicious, and of inordinate avarice, defpifyng the coungaill of good, vertuoufe and prudent perfonnes, fuch as above be remembred; the profperite of this Land daily decreafed, foo that felicite was turned into miferie, and profperite into adverfite, and the ordre of polecye, and of the Lawe of God and Man, confounded; whereby it is likely this Reame to falle into extreme miferie and defolation, which God defende, without due provifion of couvenable remedie bee had in this behalfe in all goodly haft.

Over this, amonges other things, more fpecially wee confider, howe that, the tyme of the Reigne of Kyng Edward the IIIIth , late deceffed, after the ungracious pretenfed Marriage, as all England hath caufe foo to fay, made betwixt the faid King Edward, and Elizabeth, fometyme Wife to Sir John Grey Knight, late nameing herfelf and many years heretofore Quene of Englond, the ordre of all poletique Rule was perverted, the Lawes of God and of Gods Church, and alfo the Lawes of Nature and of Englond, and alfo the laudable Cuftomes and Liberties of the fame, wherein every Englifhman in Inheritor, broken, fubverted and contempned, againft all reafon and juftice, foo that this Land was ruled by felfewill and pleafure, feare and drede, all manner of Equite and Lawes layd apart and defpifed, whereof enfued many inconvenients and mifchiefs, as Murdres, Extorfions and Oppreffions, namely of poore and impotent people, foo that no Man was fure of his Lif, Land ne Lyvelode, ne of his Wif, Doughter ne Servaunt, every good Maiden and Woman ftanding in drede to be ravifhed and defouled. And befides this, what Difcords, inwarde Battailles, etfufion of Chriftian Mens Blode, and namely, by the deftruction of the Blode of this Londe, was had and comitted within the fame, it is evident and notarie thourough all this Reame, unto the great forowe and hevyneffe of all true Englifhmen.

And here alfo we confidre, howe that the feid pretenfed Mariage bitwixt the above named King Edward and Elizabeth Grey, was made of grete prefumption, without the knowyng and affent of the Lords of this Lond, and alfo by Sorcerie and Wichecrafte, committed by the faid Elizabeth, and her Moder Jaquett Ducheffe of Bedford, as the comon opinion of the people, and the publique voice and fame is thorough all this Land; and herafter, if and as the caas fhall require, fhall bee proved fufficiently in tyme and place convenient. And here alfo we confider, howe that faid pretenfed Mariage was made privaly and fecretely, without Edition of Banns, in a private Chamber, an prophane place, and not openly in the face of the Church, aftre the Lawe of Godds Churche, bot contrarie thereunto, and the laudable Cuftome of the Church of Englond.

And howe alfo, that at the tyme of contract of the fame pretenfed Mariage, and bifore and longe tyme after, the feid King Edward was and ftode maryed and trouth plight to oone Dame Elianor Butteler, Doughter of the old Earl of Shrewefbury, with whom the fame King Edward had made a precontracte of Matrimonie, longe tyyme bifore he made the faid pretenfed Mariage with the faid Elizabeth Grey, in maner and fourme abovefaid. Which premiffes being true, as in veray trouth they been true, it appearreth and foloweth evidently, that the faid King Edward duryng his lif, and the feid Elizabeth, lived together finfully and dampnably in adultery, againft the Lawe of God and of his Church; and therfore noo marivaile that the Souverain Lord and the head of this Land, being of fuch ungoldy difpoficion, and provokyng the ire and indinacion of oure Lord God, fuch haynous mifchieffs and inconvenients, as is above remembred, were ufed and comitted in the Reame amongs the Subjects. Alfo it appeareth evidently and followeth, that all th'Iffue and Children of the feid King Edward, been Baftards, and unable to inherite or to clayme any thing by Inheritance, by the Lawe and Cuftome of Englond.
Moreover we confidre, howe that afterward, by the thre Eftates of this Reame affembled in a Parliament holden at Weftm', the XVIIth yere of the Regne of the faid King Edward the IIIIth, he than being in poffeffion of the Coroune and Roiall Eftate, by an Acte made in the fame Parliament, George Duc of Clarence, Brother to the faid King Edward nowe deceffed, was convicted and atteinted of High Treafon; as in the fame Acte is conteigned more at large. Bicaufe and by reafon wherof, all the Iffue of the faid George, was and is difhabled and barred of all Right and Clayme, that in any wife they might have or chalenge by Enheritance, to the Crown and Dignite Roiall of this Reame, by the auncien Lawe and Cuftome of this fame Reame.

Over this we cofidre, howe that Ye be the undoubted Son and Heire of Richard late Duke of Yorke, verray enheritour to the feid Crowne and Dignite Roiall, and as in right Kyng of Englond, by wey of Enheritaunce; and that at ths tyme, the premiffes duely confidered, there is noon other perfoune lyvyng but Ye only, that by Right may clayme the faid Coroune and Dignite Royall, by way of Enheritaunce, and howe that Ye be born withyn this Lande; by reafon wherof, as we deme in oure myndes, Ye be more naturally enclyned to the profperite and comen wele of the fame; and all the thre Eftatis of the Lande have, and may have, more certayn knowlage of youre Byrth and Filiation abovefeid. Wee confidre alfo, the greate Wytte, Prudence, Juftice, Princely Courage, and the memorable and laudable Acts in diverfe Batalls, whiche as we by experience knowe Ye heretofore have done, for the falvacion and defence of this fame Reame; and alfo the greate nobleffe and excellence of your Byrth and Blode, as of hym that is defcended of the thre mooft Royall houfes in Criftendom, that is to fay, England, Fraunce, and Hifpanic.

Wherfore, thefe premiffes by us diligently confidred, we defyryng effectuonfly the peas, tranquillite, and wele publique of this Lande, and the reduccion of the fame to the auncien honourable eftate and profperite, and havyng in youre greate Prudence, Juftice, Princely Courage, and excellent Vertue, finguler confidence, have chofen in all that that in us is, and by this our Wrytyng choife You, high and myghty Prynce, into oure Kyng and Soveraigne Lorde &c., to whom we knowe for certayn it apperteygneth of Enheritaunce foo to be chofen. And herupon we humbly defire, pray, and require youre feid Noble Grace, that, accordyng to this Eleccion of us the Thre Eftates of this Lande, as by youre true Enherritaunce, Ye will accepte and take upon You the faid Crown and Royall Dignite, with all thyngs therunto annexed and apperteynyng, as to You of Right bilongyng, as wele by Enherritaunce as by lawfull Eleccion; and, in caas Ye fo do, we promitte to ferve and to affifte your Highneffe, as true and feithfull Subgietts and Leigemen, and to lyve and dye with You in this matter, and every other jufte quarrell.

For certainly wee be determined, rather to aventure and comitte us to the perill of oure lyfs and jopardye of deth, than to lyve in fuche thraldome and bondage as we have lyved long tyme hertofore, oppreffed and injured by Extorcions and newe Impoficons, ayenft the Lawes of God and Man, and the Libertee, old Police, and Lawes of this Reame, wheryn every Englisfhman is enherited. Oure Lorde God, Kyng of all Kyngs, by whos infynyte goodneffe and eternall providence all thyngs been pryncipally gouverned in this world, lighten youre foule, and graunt You grace to do, as well in this matier as in all other, all that that may be accordyng to his wille and pleafure, and to the comen and publique wele of this Lande; to that, after greate cloudes, troubles, ftormes and tempeftes, the Son of Juftice and of Grace may fhyne uppon us, to the comforte and gladneffe of all true Englifhmen.

Albeit that the Right, Title, and Eftate, whiche oure Souveraigne Lord the Kyng Richard the Third, hath to and in the Crown and Roiall Dignite of this Reame of Englond, with all thyngs therunto within the fame Reame, and without it, united, annexed and apperteynyng, been jufte and lawefull, as grounded upon the Lawes of God and of Nature, and also upon the auncien Lawes and laudable Cuftomes of this faid Reame, and fo taken and reputed by all fuche perfounes as ben lerned in the abovefaid Lawes and Cuftumes. Yit nevertheleffe, forafmoche as it is confidred, that the moft parte of the people of this Lande is not fuffifantly lerned in the abovefaid Lawes and Cuftumes, wherby the trueth and right in this behalf of liklyhode may be hyd, and nat clerely knowen to all the people, and thereupon put in doubt and queftion.

And over this, howe that the Courte of Parliament is of fuche auctorite, and the people of this Lande of fuche nature and difpoficion, as experience teacheth, that manifeftacion and declaration of any trueth or right, made by the Thre Eftates of this Reame affembled in Parliament, and by auctorite of the fame, maketh, before all other thyngs, mooft feith and certaynte; and, quietyng mens myndes, remoeveth the occafion of all doubts and feditious langage. Therfore, at the requeft, and by affent of the Thre Eftates of this Reame, that is to fay, the Lordes Spuelx and Temporalx, and Comens of this Lande, affembled in this prefent Parliament, by auctorite of the fame, bee it pronounced, decreed, and declared, that oure faid Soveraign Lorde the Kyng was, and is, veray and undoubted Kyng of this Reame of Englond, with all thyngs therunto withyn the fame Reame, and without it, united, annexed and apperteyning, as well by right of Confanguinite and Enheritaunce, as by lawefull Elleccion, Confecration, and Coronacion. And over this, that, at the requeft, and by the affent and auctorite abovefaid, bee it ordeigned, enacted and eftablisfhed, that the faid Crown and Roaill Dignite of this Reame, and the Enheritaunce of the fame, and other thyngs therunto within this fame Reame, or withoute it, unite, annexed, and nowe apperteigning, reft and abyde in the perfoune of oure faid Soveraigne Lorde the Kyng, duryng his Lyff, and, after his Deceffe, in his heires of his Body begotten. And in efpeciall, at the requeft, and by affent and auctorite abovefaid, bee it ordeigned, enacted, eftabled, pronounced, decreed, and declared, that the High and Excellent Prynce Edward, Son of oure faid Soveraign Lorde the Kyng, be Heire Apparent of the fame our Soveraign Lord the Kyng, to fuccede to hym in the abovefaid Crown and Roaill Dignite, with all thyngs as is aforefaid therunto unite, annexed and apperteigning; to have them after the Deceffe of oure faid Soveraign Lorde the Kyng, to hym and to his heires of his Body laufully begotten.
QUE quidem Billa Coibus Regni Angl' in dco Parliamento exiften' tranfportata fuit: Cui quidem Bille iidem Cões affenfum fuum prebuerunt fub hiis verbis.

A ceft Bille les Cõenz fount affentuz.
Quibus quidem Billa et Affenfu coram Dño Rege in Parliamento pdco lectis, auditis et plenius intellectis, de affenfu Dñorum Spualium et Temporalium in dco Parliamento fimiliter exiften', ac Ccoitatis predce, necnon auctoritate ejufdem Parliamenti, pronunciatum, decretum et declaratum exiftit, omnia et fingula in Billa pdca contenta fore vera et indubia; ac idem Dñus Rex, de affenfu dcorum trium Statuum Regni, et auctorite predca, omnia et fingula premiffa in Billa pdca contenta concedit, ac ea pro vero et indubio pronunciat, decernit, et ceclarat.
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